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Sutter Professional Eco Caps - Multi

by Sutter
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Sutter Eco Caps - Multi

Multipurpose concentrated for furniture and glass. It is diluted in 500 ml spray bottle. Cleaner concentrate for a quick and efficient cleaning of all washable surfaces such as: ceramic coatings, modern surfaces (layered, plastic, formica, etc.), crystals, mirrors, glass and enamel surfaces. The balanced mixture of solvents and surfactants moisturizers make it indispensable in the daily cleaning of: offices, hotels, schools, communities, etc. 

  • Highly concentrated and effective with deodorising effect
  • Very high eco-friendliness (less waste and co2)
  • Prevents deposits

How to use

Simply put one Eco Cap into a spray bottle and add 500 ml or warm water and shake a few times - once dissolved the product is ready to use! 


20 Eco Caps per pack
This means, this pack is equivalent to 20 bottles of 500 ml multipurpose cleaners! 10 L of floor cleaner in one bag! 
It is truly a Eco friendly and cost effective solution.

How to store

Please store this product in a cool dry area with no direct sunlight. Make sure the bag is sealed properly to avoid any moisture to get in. 
Heat, humidity and sunlight will degrade the starch capsule and it may leak out. 

Please recycle the outer package once you have finished with the product!

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