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Vita Craft Mixing Bowl Set (3 Pcs)

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This is a mixing bowl that comes in 3 sizes.  Its ergonomically designed to make it easy to use in the kitchen and it also has a flat bottom and wider handle so its easier to manoeuvre around.

You can also use it as a double-boiler by combining it with a pot, or as a lid when combined with a pan.

Manufacturer Vitacraft
Big Size:Diameter 240× Depth 110mm Volume 3.0L
Medium Size:Diameter 180× Depth  80mm Volume 1.2L
Small Size:Diameter 135× Depth 55mm Volume 0.7L

Vitacraft ミキシングボウルセット



メーカー Vitacraft
 サイズ:直径240×深さ110mm 容量3.0L
サイズ:直径180×深さ80mm 容量1.2L
サイズ:直径135×深さ55mm 容量0.7L