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This year's harvest of  💛 Organic turmeric

This year's harvest of 💛 Organic turmeric

Turmeric is in season!

At Foodcraft we use permaclub's organic turmeric to make our Organic Fresh Raw Turmeric Drink Mix which is harvested once a year.  To be exact, it is NOW that their turmeric is being harvested and we are excited to make our new batch very soon. 

We wanted to show you what this year's turmeric is going to look like and also share the interesting facts that turmeric is not only a healing plant for us but also it plays an important role in nursing the soil at permaclub as well.

If you are interested, you can also be part of permaclub's community and experience the harvest that changes every season. Here are some turmeric reports form Pamela of permaclub who brings back that nature-to-table connection in their beautiful farm in Clearwater Bay.
Organic turmeric harvested at permaclub
This is how turmeric heals the soil
We 💚 Turmeric so much for a multitude of reasons.
Not only does it have amazing nutritional and healing properties which we all know all about, but also turmeric is a natural method of turning soil.

In Hong Kong we often deal with tough clay-like soil making it hard to plough and for our favorite plants to grow. Since turmeric grows underneath the surface, starting from tiny pieces and eventually growing into large clumps from which the fingers are then harvested, this crop does an amazing job at naturally turning the soil and keeping it airy and fluffy.

After our turmeric harvest we use that patch of land to grow other crops and it generally increases our success rates.

organic turmeric plant at permaclub
This is how the turmeric patch is looking like now at permaclub. The turmeric plant will grow nice and tall and green. 
turmeric flower at permaclub
It then shoots out a pretty multicoloured flower which eventually wilts along with the green leaves. When the leaves turn fully brown, that's generally the indication that the turmeric below is fully matured.
turmeric harvest at permaclub
At permaclub, they do garden tours and workshops on Sundays. You are welcome to come and harvest any surplus for personal use. 
permaclub entrance
If you are interested in participating in their activities, contact permaclub through their Instagram account. 
permaclub hong kong
Remember permaclub's motto?
“Care for people, care for the planet, and share the surplus."
They are the people who live the talk.

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