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Miso Bomb - Traditional (Sesame & Wakame)

Miso Bomb - Traditional (Sesame & Wakame)

Miso Soup - A Traditional Japanese Soup

Miso soup has been consumed by the Japanese for centuries, it is made with a seafood based stock called "dashi" into which a miso paste is mixed. Originally, miso was spread directly on food or eaten straight rather than as a seasoning as what we usually do nowadays. Later on, in 12th - 16th century, soup made from mashed miso soybeans (but we don't use soybeans in making miso) became a staple diet among samurai and gradually, miso soup immersed into the diets of the commoner as farmers started to make their own miso soup.

You can also make your own ready-to-eat miso soup - much healthier and more delicious than instant miso soup. Try to make this convenient miso bombs and store them in the freezer. You can then enjoy the authentic miso soup in your daily life by simply pouring hot water over this miso bomb!


Yield: 4 miso bombs

120 g

Chickpea Miso

2 tsp.

Bonito Flake Powder*

2 tsp.

Kelp Powder*

2 tsp.

Dried Wakame

1 tbsp.

White Sesame 

*Use a mill or blender to make into powder



  1. Mix all ingredients except the white sesame in a bowl.

  2. Divide the paste in 4 and make a ball shape with your hands.

  3. Roll the miso balls in a bowl with white sesame to coat the balls.

  4. Wrap them up or keep them in an airtight box to store. Keep in the refrigerator for up to one month.


To Serve

  1. Place the miso bomb in a soup bowl and add 150ml hot water then mix well. Your instant miso soup will be ready in seconds!

  2. This is a healthy way to have your nutritious soup to add to your meals or have as a snack in office.


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