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Vegan Keto Noodle - Ankake Style

Posted by Shima Shimizu on

Vegan Keto Noodle -  Ankake Style

Want to make some guilt-free soup noodles? Here's the perfect recipe for you! I LOVE Konjac noodles. They are always al dente and almost NO CARBS! So whenever I want a noodle fix but need to stay on a low-carb diet, konjac (or shirataki noodles) are my "to-go" items! They also don't need to be cooked so that the cooking time is a lot shorter.Konjac noodles can be used as any kind of noodle replacement. (Here is a pasta recipe with Konjac!)  In this recipe, I've used a Japanese Ankake glazed soup with a twist of Korean flavors.Make sure to use...

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