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Vegan Keto Noodle - Ankake Style

Posted by Shima Shimizu on

Vegan Keto Noodle -  Ankake Style

Want to make some guilt-free soup noodles? Here's the perfect recipe for you! I LOVE Konjac noodles. They are always al dente and almost NO CARBS! So whenever I want a noodle fix but need to stay on a low-carb diet, konjac (or shirataki noodles) are my "to-go" items! They also don't need to be cooked so that the cooking time is a lot shorter.Konjac noodles can be used as any kind of noodle replacement. (Here is a pasta recipe with Konjac!)  In this recipe, I've used a Japanese Ankake glazed soup with a twist of Korean flavors.Make sure to use...

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Gluten Free 無麩質飲食知識 101 - 無麥麩飲食的基本原則

Posted by Alison Yu on

Gluten Free 無麩質飲食知識 101 -  無麥麩飲食的基本原則


GF是“無麩質 (Gluten Free)”的縮寫,近年來一直是熱門話題。早在2015年初已有客人向我們FoodCraft查詢有關無麩質的各種小食和產品,隨著詢問不斷增加,我們知道是時候開始製作我們自家製的產品來滿足客人的需求。自此我們廚房生產的大部分產品都是無麩質的,我們還開設了許多烹飪課程,教導學員如何在家製作自己的無麩質產品!然而,到目前為止我們仍然會得到很多關於無麩質是什麼以及哪種產品含有這種常見過敏原的問題(是的,老實說,它有時會讓人感到困惑!)這就是為什麼我向你們介紹這種飲食的基本,這樣你就可以更了解這種生活飲食方式以及它是否適合你!

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Gluten Free 101 - The Basic Guiding Principles to the GF Diet

Posted by Carmen Chu on

Gluten Free 101 - The Basic Guiding Principles to the GF Diet

More and more, these 2 letters is seen on various product packaging but there is still a large subset of the population that doesn’t know what GF stands for. GF is an abbreviation of the term "Gluten Free" which has been a hot topic for a few years now.      Here at FoodCraft, we noticed an influx of customers in Hong Kong interested in buying GF products beginning as early as 2015.   As more and more inquiries starting coming in for GF alternative snacks and other pantry staples, we knew it was time to start crafting our own creations...

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