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Gluten Free Soft Seeded Sourdough Bread - 1lb

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What is Sourdough?

Our sourdough bread is made from the fermentation of organic gluten-free flour and filtered water, which results in naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast. We do not use any commercial yeast to ferment our bread. We ferment our dough for 8-12 hours depending on the weather and this creates a special bread that is kinder to the human digestive system. Sourdough bread has a mild sour taste that you will not find in bread made using commercial yeast. This natural sour flavor is the lactic acid: a healthy byproduct of the natural fermentation of the lactobacilli.   

Why this Sourdough loaf is special: 
  • Sourdough traditionally has low levels of gluten but this one is 100% Gluten Free 
  • It's extremely soft and fluffy - the texture is simply unbelievable!
  • Mixture of seeds infused to give you extra protein, healthy fats, and a crunchy texture!
  • The flavour and texture is more enjoyable than that of a commercially baked sourdough 
  • The slightly spongy texture makes it perfect to put spreads on, but it's delicious as is

Due to the long fermentation time, the macro nutrients in the bread (carbohydrates and protein) are broken down into smaller particles, which are easier to imbibe into our systems.

How to Eat it:

If freshly baked, enjoy it as is. Sourdough bread can last a long time without any preservatives due to the natural occurring acids in the bread. However, to enjoy the best texture, we recommend to slice and freeze if you are not going to consume it within 2 days from delivery. By toasting the frozen slice, you can enjoy it as if it were (almost) freshly baked! 

Ingredients: Gluten Free Flour Mix (rice, tapioca and potato), thickener (xanthan gum), Filtered Water, Coconut Flower Sugar*, Psyllium Husk Powder, Golden Flax Seed*, Chia Seeds*, Sesame Seeds, Sprouted Sunflower, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Naturally occuring lactobacilli/yeast (*Organic) 

*This product was produced in a kitchen where wheat, nut and soy are also handled.  If you have any concerns about food allergies, please contact us at before purchasing or consuming this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
shalini MOhanani
Gluten free treat yourself

Really worth trying!


Gluten-Free Soft Seeded Sourdough Bread - 1lb

Lynette Lai
So yummy!

Love how the bread it’s gluten free and not made out of corn!!!!

But if you want anything with corn, we got it covered too!

Good + Freshly-Baked GF Sourdough!

What a luxury to be able to enjoy freshly-baked GF sourdough - thanks, FoodCraft team! Delish when toasted. Love the nutritious flax, chia, sesame seeds inside.

Thank you Elizabeth!!
We are so happy you appreciate our bread! Makes all our hard work worth it :)

Wonderful bread

Soft, healthy and taste very good even put it on the table for a whole day. And u will feel full of happiness after enjoy it.

Hi Debbie,
Thank you very much for the compliment, we hope to deliver the best always and therefore we appreciate your feedback anytime