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Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice For Risotto - 500g

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The best rice to make risotto. This 1 year aged carnaroli rice is the favourite rice of top chefs. Packed in a tin to keep the rice fresh and easy to storage.

Why Aged Rice for Risotto? 
This rice can be aged for up to three years. The aging helps with the rice to become rich in vitamins and also enables the rice to absorb more liquid during cooking, whilst retaining its structure. This will also avoid the grains from sticking together.

White Rice With a Brown Rice Nutritional Profile
It is not only the rice variety that is special. Acquerello rice is the only white rice in the world to be enriched with its nutrient-rich germ – reintroduced after hulling. This gives it a nutritional profile closer to brown rice. 

Where Is It From?
The superfine carnaroli rice is produced by the Rondolino family in Piedmont, Italy. The Rondolino family have been growing rice since 1935. In the year 2000, the family decided to dedicate themselves to growing only one variety of rice – carnaroli, Italy’s most highly valued rice for making risotto.


1 Year Aged Carnaroli Rice


Store in a cool dry place.

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Values per 100g:
Energy 1452kj/347kcal
Fat 1g
Of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrates 77g
Fibre 1g
Protein 8g
Salt 0g

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