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FREE SHIPPING (HK & KL) Orders over $600 | QUESTIONS? Whatsapp us on +852 5917 1181
FREE SHIPPING (HK & KL) Orders over $600 | ANY QUESTIONS WhatsApp us on +852 5917 1181

Welcome to FoodCraft!

We at FOODCRAFT take pride in all the handcrafted delicious foods we create every day in our kitchen! Healthy, organic & yummy tasting are the criteria we aim for each produce we carefully make. 

Have a look at our fantastic Coconut Yoghurt, a great soy- and dairy-free yoghurt or at our homemade Miso, fermented from our Japanese Chef. We offer lots of great products that are not only fantastic for your taste buds but also do real good and wonders for your body. 

If you are looking for something good and wholesome for your kids, please check out our latest Teddy Bear Cookies, gluten-free without any nasties! Guilt-free snacking not only for the kids - that's a promise:)

Enjoy our products and feel free to get in touch with us anytime, we love to hear from you!

Your FoodCrafties!