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CHAYA Gluten-Free Vegan Soy Cheese Risotto - 140g

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• Gluten-Free

• Vegan Product (does not contain meat, egg, dairy, sugar)

• This risotto is made with Cheese made from Soy beans mixed with coconut milk, king trumpet mushroom and smoked vegetables

• Low Calories

• Zero Cholesterol

• No chemicals, preservatives, synthetic pigment

• Good for anyone who is Gluten-sensitive, Gluten-allergic, and Lactose intolerant

• Good for one person

How to use:

  • Place the bag in boiling water and warm well for about 5 minutes.
  • If using a microwave, transfer the contents to a heat-resistant container, cover with plastic wrap, and heat. (2 minutes at 500W, 1 minute and 30 seconds at 600W)

*This product is a retort pouch food. (1 serving)
*Please be careful not to cut your hands when opening.
*Please be careful when opening the package after heating and transferring it to a plate, as the contents will be hot.
*Please be careful when removing the plastic wrap as hot ingredients and sauce may splash.
*After opening, please consume on the same day.

Ingredients: Soy milk, Smoked onion(Onion, Olive oil, Pepper, Salt), Eringi mushroom, Olive oil, Almond paste, Sweet corn powder, Vegetable broth, Coconut milk, Apple vinegar, Potato starch, Garlic paste, Yeast extract, Pepper (Including Soy beans, Apple).

Product of Japan

CHAYA Macrobiotic originates from a traditional Japanese restaurant “HIKAGE-CHAYA” in Hayama that goes 300 years back to EDO period. Instead of using animal meat, eggs, dairy, refined sugar, chemical seasonings, we choose domestically grown traditional & natural ingredients such as organic brown rice, seasonal vegetables, beans, seaweeds in order to serve elaborate dishes for beauty & health.

8 Philosophies of CHAYA

  1. Domestically grown organic brown rice
  2. Elaborately selected produce including organic & specially-cultivated crops
  3. Supporting agriculture in Japan as well as our contracted farmers
  4. Valuing on four seasons and serving foods based on “season”, “production area” and “farmers”
  5. Traceability on seafood secured
  6. No use of animal meat, egg, dairy and refined sugar based on macrobiotic standard
  7. Willingly using foods from our hometown area Shonan/Hayama and practicing “local production for local consumption”.
  8. No use of chemical seasoning, synthetic coloring, artificially sweetener

Three pillars of CHAYA-MADE:

  1. Presenting restaurant chef & patessier-quality authentic taste in macrobiotic menu.
  2. Cooking only with carefully selected foods for as many customers as possible
  3. Cherishing & creating hand-made quality from scratch

With the pillars above in mind, CHAYA's mission is to convey the corporate message “Healthy & Beauty through lifestyle with organic” to the broader society.

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