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Clearspring Organic Dried Japanese Shiitake Mushrooms - 40g

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Ingredients: Shiitake mushrooms* (Lentinula edodes)
*organically grown
Product weight: 40g

Shiitake are one of the East’s most exotic and delicious foods, with a subtle woody taste that adds gourmet flair to almost any dish. Our Organic Shiitake Mushrooms (sometimes spelt shitake) are carefully grown, selected and dried to offer the full depth of flavour and aroma that is highly prized in both Eastern and Western cuisine. The variety used is characterised by large, well-developed caps, which makes them easy to reconstitute and use in everyday cooking. The word Shiitake means (shii - oak tree, take - mushroom) that have a long history of use.

To prepare Clearspring Shiitake:
  • Leave to soak for about 30 - 45 minutes in water
  • Remove any hard stems
  • Slice if desired
  • Cook with grains, stir-fries, vegetables and soups.
For a flavourful broth, boil a few shiitake and their soaking water with some kombu sea vegetable for 15 minutes, then season with shoyu or tamari and mirin to taste.

Customer Reviews

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Tania M.
Great flavour and quality.

Dehydrated mushrooms always come in handy in the pantry, and plus if they are of great quality like these ones.

We use them in many of our cooking classes too and they're just so easy to store away and saves the hassle because all they need is water to 'revive' its original texture with still the good properties locked up in them until released in cooking.