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Edible Flowers (Purple Pansy) - 20g

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Edible flowers are not the same as your table flowers - do not attempt to eat the flowers from the flower shops as they may be loaded with pesticides. 

Edible flowers can offer a unique burst of flavor and color to many dishes, including salads, sauces, beverages and entrées. Some of them may even offer health benefits. These purple pansies have a very neutral flavor and will not disturb with the flavors of the your dishes.

How to use edible flowers? 
Edible flowers are versatile and can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. Add this to your everyday salad or just on a simple pound cake and it will instantly upgrade your dish to a different level! Flowers have that special power to surprise and excite people. 
Other ideas can be to use them on your soups, drinks, on the side of your ham and cheese board, jelly's and cakes... there is no limit to the creativity that happen with flowers. 

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