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Fresh Lemongrass - 200g (aprox. 5 stalks)

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Fresh lemongrass in a generous amount.

Lemongrass is a long "grass" that has a strong flavour at the bottom of the stem. Remove the top part of the lemongrass and slice the stem part closer to the root to extract the flavour. Lemongrass itself is very fibrous and it's not meant to be eaten but to be used as tea or to infuse the flavour into the food.

Why Should You Eat More Herbs and Spices?

Herbs have been used since ancient times for their medicinal properties, mostly concentrated in teas and tinctures. More recently, their healthful value as a food ingredient has been realized. For one, herbs add a burst of flavour to food, allowing you to cut back on salt without sacrificing taste. And several herbs, including parsley, have significant amounts of the essential vitamins A, C and K.

But the true power of herbs lies in their wealth of protective polyphenols — plant compounds with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Piles of studies show that polyphenols in herbs help combat such diseases as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and more. Polyphenols are anti-microbial, so they can help protect us from harmful bacteria as well. Although many of the studies on herbs’ effects have involved concentrated solutions of the leaves’ active components, there is evidence that their benefits still apply when they are cooked and eaten as part of a regular meal, too.
Nutritional Information 
Lemongrass is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia and a common ingredient in Thai cuisine. Now grown in Africa, Australia, and North and South America, lemongrass is widely used as a natural remedy for digestive issues, neurological problems, and high blood pressure.

Lemongrass reportedly has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has traditionally been used as a pain reliever and fever reducer. Lemongrass contains citral, a natural plant compound with anti-inflammatory effects.

The best way to enjoy lemongrass is in tea, either commercially prepared or made from fresh lemongrass stalks.

Nutrients per Serving

One ounce of lemongrass contains:

Calories: 30
Protein: 1 gram
Fat: 0 grams
Carbohydrates: 7 grams
Fibre: 0 grams
Sugar: 0 grams
Lemongrass also contains iron, calcium, and vitamin C. Iron is an essential component of haemoglobin, a vital substance that transfers oxygen from your lungs to your blood.

Potential Health Benefits of Lemongrass

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