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Hario YUKIHIRA Glass Lid Stainless Steel Rice Cooker - 150-450g

by Hario
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The 4 layered metal pot structure makes the heat distribution even which is critical for cooking good Japanese rice.
The 4 layers will be stainless steel, aluminum stainless steel, aluminum and the inside will be a non-stick coating to avoid the rice to stick. 
Aside form cooking rice. this pot is perfect for cooking stews and soups as well. 

What is Yukihira (雪平) Pot?
The definition of Yukihira pots are, a round base with the wide opening at the top.
It is a multi-purpose pot for Japanese cooking and you can not only boil and stew but also stir-fry and steam with this pot. 

The signature look of the Yukihira pot will be the bumps you see around the pot.  this is the marks from the hammer when the craftsman makes this pot which make the metal stronger and also helps with the heat distribution as the surface area gets widen by the dents. 
Yukihira pots are handmade and they are one-of-a-kind pots.

Another important character is that its a light weight pot and also has a good heat distribution. It will evaporate moisture very quickly and suitable busy cooks that need to cook up a dish in a rush.

The shape of the pan is said to be suitable for Japanese cooking that requires a lot of boiling and stewing.

The history of Yukihira pot goes back to 20,000 years ago. Of course, then it was made form clay and not metal.

In the 1920's, aluminum was introduced to Japan and the Yukihira pot was transformed into a metal pot and became a common tool seen in many house holds. This light weight and user-friendly styled pot is a popular cooking tool in Japanese households till this day.
The common material used for this pot is either copper, steel or aluminum. 

This Hario Yukihira cooker is a combination of aluminum (great for quick heat distribution), coated by steel (suitable for induction cookers).


SIZE W 260× D 216× H 200mm 208Φ

CAPACITY 1-3go(Rice 150-450g)

WEIGHT(incl.individual box) approx.1700g

Pot / Stainless steel, Aluminum
Lid grip / Silicone rubber
Lid grip stopper / Polypropylene


Except for pot, dishwasher can be used.

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