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Ikutouen Handmade SEN-4 Striped Plate - 22 x 5cm

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(This is a handmade product and can only be imported 2 times a year from Japan)

Tsuboya Pottery Studio Ikutouen has been creating Tsuboya pottery at Tsuboya, the birthplace of Yachimun, for many generations. The current sixth-generation master potter and certified traditional art craftsman, Tadashi Takaesu, is a master of creating exquisite items for daily use with his line-carving techniques, as well as Shisa figures, using the mold forged by our fifth-generation master potter Ikuo Takaesu. With the traditional craft and care for materials passed down to us through generations, we will continue to be an ever-present part of our community here in Okinawa.

A big-hearted plate, just like the Okinawan Champuru.

This was designed for you to enjoy the unique expressions you can see from the combination of the different patterns of simple lines. "Sen" means lines in Japanese.
A technique called "Sometsuke (染付)" is used in this product and each and every single lines are hand drawn by the artists.

The lines might remind you of the narrow paths in Okinawa, or they might look like somewhere in your neighborhood.

These handy sized plates are a very basic item that can be used every day. We hope you can feel the warmth of the handmade plates.

This plate has a slight curve and can be used for food that contains liquid, such as curries and stews. Good for plating stir-fried vegetables as well.

How to Take Care of Your Piece?

The potter has done a sealing process to avoid stains to go into the artwork. So you will not have to do anything special before using this product.

However, after years, the effect of the sealing will fade and over the years, this product will develop a natural change in its color. We hope you enjoy the "ageing" of the product as well.

*Please AVOID using this product in the microwave oven.
*Please AVOID using this product in a dishwasher.

If you use this to place things with strong colors for a long time, such as coffee, it will stain. You might be able to remove the stains with a melamine sponge (Available in Japanese supermarkets or Japan Home Centre)

Dimensions (in cm): Diameter 22cm× height 5cm, weight approx. 600g

All are handmade and unique.

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