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Ima Shibori Live Soy Sauce Squeezer

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HK$280.00 - HK$280.00
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"Imashibori" special original desktop squeezer
You can easily enjoy freshly squeezed soy sauce on the table using the special squeezing cloth that comes with the product.
In addition, you can add oil and spices to the squeezed natural brewed soy sauce moromi to get a nutritious moromi as it is.
Please have one tabletop squeezer to your family.

Have you ever eaten live soy sauce?
This mash contains many enzymes and continues to be fermented by lactic acid bacteria and yeast.
You can taste it as it is, you can squeeze it yourself, and you can enjoy it as a soy sauce to eat after squeezing.

In the olden days, salty sauce was a part of our daily lives and was made at home like miso. It is a salty soy sauce that is not miso in the foreground. Now squeezed soy sauce is a product that allows customers to squeeze the moromi mash that we have prepared with all our heart and taste the fresh soy sauce and the mash after squeezing the soy sauce.

How to squeeze: Before squeezing, add hot water and then squeeze with a cloth. 





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