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KAI SELECT 100 Miso Soup Strainer With Silicone Spatula

by Kai
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HK$157.00 - HK$157.00
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Select 100 idea is to create beautiful and simple tools that are easy to use. This is a kitchen tool series recognized by strict cooking professionals.

The "scoopability" of the spatula and the smoothness of the screen net are highly considered. The stainless steel sieve mesh is durable and can sprinkle miso quickly. The flexible silicon lobe has a heat resistant temperature of up to 200° and can fit perfectly with the net curve. It also scrubs cleanly from the storage container.  As the joining part is welded shut, dirt won't be trapped in the crevices and it can be washed quickly.  With its wide diameter, scooping out soup and boiled vegetables is super easy!

Material Material [Miso Soup Strainer] net, frame, shank: 18-8 stainless steel
Pattern: polypropylene (heat resistant temperature 110 ℃)

[Silicon spatula] spatula: silicone (heat resistant temperature 200 ° C), handle: 18-8 stainless steel
Size Body Size: 255 × 115 × 126 mm
Weight: 92 g
Country Of Production China




材質 【みそこし】網・フレーム・シャンク:18-8ステンレススチール

サイズ詳細 本体サイズ:255×115×126mm
生産国 中国