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Vegan Koya Tofu - Freeze-Dried Bean Curd - 65g

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Chilled Vegan Koya Tofu

Koya tofu (also known as  Kouri Tofu “ice tofu”) is a traditional Japanese food dating back to ancient times. It is highly nutritious and rich in protein, hence its fame as the “meat of the fields.”
By freezing fresh, uncooked tofu and then storing it in a refrigerator for a fixed period of time, the soy proteins are naturally denatured and matured.
Through this process, the tofu gains new, unique textures and other new characteristics, and when dehydrated, it becomes an excellent example of a naturally preserved food.

Convenient and easy to use

When making koya tofu, it is in a way that makes it easy to reconstitute (rehydrate) and gives it a pleasantly soft texture. This makes our koya tofu ideal for not only Japanese cooking, but also for Chinese, western-style cooking, and other cuisines, as well.

How to Prepare Koya Tofu

Koya tofu has a sponge-like texture that can absorb flavors. Most recipes will call for cooking this in a soup so that it can soak up the flavors from the soup. 

You can add this Koya Tofu directly into the soup and cook together. Once the soup has soaked into the tofu, you can serve this hot, room temperature or chill it in the refrigerator and serve cold too.


Non-GMO Soy Beans, Coagulating Agent, Baking Soda

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