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On the Wagon Blend No. 1 Assam & Darjeeling Artisan Kombucha - 330ml

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The O.G.

Delightfully fruit-forward
Notes of peach & apple Champagne-like complexity

On The Wagon is a premium kombucha brand aimed at introducing Hong Kong to high quality, small-batch, raw, natural & completely hand-crafted Kombucha! On The Wagon aims to take Kombucha well beyond being just a health drink packed with probiotics. Their Kombucha is purely tea based with no added sweet fruit flavours, meticulously brewed to perfection for a refreshing thirst quench and a drink which is fit for a cheer at even the classiest occasion. The best way to enjoy this drink is during and after a meal in a well-cut glass, ice and garnish completely optional.

Storage: Kombucha contains live cultures and must be kept refrigerated 0-4C. A minor excursion of up to half a day outside of the fridge is acceptable for delivery.

Bottle Return: Let's work together for a more sustainable planet! Simply drop off empty bottles at our store. We thank you for helping us to help the environment.

Serving Notes: Kombucha is a fermented drink containing trace amounts of alcohol. Pregnant women are generally advised to check with their doctor before consuming Kombucha.
Open with care & do not shake.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, tea (Darjeeling), raw cane sugar, kombucha cultures

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars

5 Stars- Very Good

J Ng
Products arrived promptly, correct and were in great condition. Product quality is very good. The...

Products arrived promptly, correct and were in great condition. Product quality is very good. The sourdough bread was better than expected! Only one area for improvement is I suspect the lemon juice shelf life is slightly less than stated, may need to review the shelf life of product.

Thank you for your review! Let us know when you need to restock the Kombucha :))

Taste good

Wonderful Kombucha, especially made in HK, keep in fresh and airy taste. Like it so much😘

Made with love by the On the Wagon guys and we promise you they are strict with the SCOBY and never ever is white sugar used for fermentation. Ditch frizzy sugary beverages and grab a bottle of Kombucha now!