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Organic Fermented Black Soya Bean (Natto) - 100g

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MUST be refrigerated at all times.
We have made our very own natto without plastic. We were so fed up with the plastic involved with natto that we decided to make our own and pack it in a paper cup. It is 100g per cup which can be 2-3 servings per cup.

Fermented in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! 

Who said Natto is only for yellow soy beans? 
Natto is not only for yellow beans!
You can use natto culture to ferment ANY beans!
At Foodcraft, we have decided to think outside the box and celebrate diversity by using various types of beans for our fermentation.
It's all about variety, and the more colors and types of food you include in your diet, the happier your gut will be, (resulting in a happier you!)

What is special about black soybeans? 
Black soybeans are special due to their unique nutritional profile and potential health benefits.
They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and protein, and contain beneficial compounds like anthocyanins. These properties contribute to improved heart health, blood sugar control, and antioxidant protection.
Incorporating black soybeans into your diet adds a nutritious and flavorful twist to your meals.

What is Natto?
Nattō (納豆) is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans that have been fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto. It is often served as a breakfast food with karashi mustard, soy sauce, and sometimes with chopped spring onions.

Nattō is often considered an acquired taste because of its powerful smell, strong flavor, and sticky, slimy texture, just like cheese, tempeh and other fermented foods 


How to use
Mix well with the condiments until it is very slimy. 
You can serve on hot rice or even in soup noodles.

Organic Black Soybeans, Live Cultures (Bacillus subtilis var. natto)

***Foodcraft is on a greener mission and have now added a "No Cooler Bag Option" for those who want to join us in the efforts to help save our planet!  Please click here if you do not want your products to be delivered in cooler bags.***

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