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Organic Sake Tsuchida Shuzo (Homare Kokko) Gold Label Tokubetsu Junmai - 720ml 土田酒造(誉国光)金ラベル 特別純米

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The Gold Label of Homare Kokko
(Monde Selection Gold Award Sake)

Natural Crafted Sake. The dry flavor makes it easy to match with any kind of dish.

No additives, including chemicals, acids, enzymes, deoxidizer used in the processing of this sake.
100% Yamahai yeast used for the fermentation 

Yamahai is a traditional method of making use of the natural lactic acid bacterium during the sake making. 

As for Lactic Acid, the popular way in the modern sake making is to use man-made lactic acid. At Tsuchida brewery they follow the traditional method of waiting for the natural lactic acid in the air and on the walls to populate in the sake.   

Yamahai means "abolishing Yama Oroshi". Yama Oroshi is a process where the sake brewers steam the rice and blend it till it becomes a rice porridge texture. By "abolishing'" this, what is means it that the brewers let the process happen on its own by the fermentation process. It will take longer time but this is a more natural way of making sake. 

Grade: Tokubetsu (Special) Junmai
Taste: Smooth Dry
Sake Brewery: Tsuchida Shuzo Brewery (Gunma, Japan) 
Ingredients: Japanese Rice
Rice Polish Rate: 60%
SMV: +6
ABV: 15%
Size: 720ml

山廃特別純米酒 誉国光 金ラベル。


*1 最近の主流は、人口の乳酸を使うのですが、土田酒造さんは全て自然の中にいる乳酸菌 (空気の中とか壁にくっういてる菌たち)が降りてくるのをひたすら待つとのことです。

*2 山廃の意味とは、「山おろし」という名前の"蒸した米、麹、水を混ぜ粥状になるまですりつぶす工程"を廃止するという意味で、「山」「廃」という名前がついたそうです。簡単にいうと、何にも手出さずに、自然の力にお任せという時間のかかるすごい工程のことです。


内容量: 720ml

原料米 : 国産米
精米歩合 : 60% 
アルコール分 : 15度
内容量 : 720ml

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Grace Echeverria
Outstanding service!

Great food varieties. We needed the order delivered in 2 days and they came through on 1 day! And they respond immediately even after hours. Love it

Thank you for your review! We are so happy you found us and we are excited to deliver to you again :)

Tina Cheung