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Organic Soybeans - 1kg

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Soybeans are a species of legume that has become one of the most widely consumed foods in the world, especially in Asia.  Considered to be perfect substitute to meat, soya is packed with proteins and other essential nutrients.  They provide a wealth benefits, including the ability to improve metabolism, protect heart health, defend against cancer, and promote bone health.  

Enjoy Soy Beans:

  • As a high fibre, high protein snack
  • To make a dairy-free alternative milk 
  • As a delicious meat-alternative for savoury dishes

Benefits of Eating Soy Beans:

  • High in protein, great for vegans and vegetarians!
  • Rich in vitamins (Vitamin K, Riboflavin, Folate, Vitamin B6 and C, etc.)
  • Contains significant amount of minerals (Iron, Copper, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, Calcium, etc.)
  • Aids in managing weight and diabetes

Cooking Method (Pressure Cooker Method):

1. Soak 1 cup of soybeans in water for a minimum of four hours (ideally: overnight)
2. In your pressure cooker, place beans in 3-4 cups fresh water. Cook for 10 minutes (this 10 minutes is during the time when the pressure relief valve is rocking). Turn off heat and let cool naturally until pressure is released. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Soybeans, from Dalian