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Oyster Leaf Mini Brie With Pink Peppercorn Cheeze - 190g

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Oyster Leaf by Chef Tina Barrat
Chef Tina Barrat is back with her beloved vegan cheeses!

Now you can savor Chef Tina's creations in the comfort of your own home.
Simply place an online order and have this culinary masterpiece delivered right to your door.
These premium vegan cheeses are not only ideal for everyday meals but also perfect for impressing your guests.

How does this vegan cheese taste? 
Creamy and mouth-melting... lightly fermented and topped with the delicate, non-spicy flavor of pink peppercorn.

How to enjoy vegan cheezes?
To fully enjoy vegan cheeses, here are a few tips:

  1. Pair with crackers and fresh fruits: Serve vegan cheeses alongside a variety of crackers and sliced fruits for a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

  2. Use as a topping: Grate or slice vegan cheese onto pizzas, sandwiches, or burgers for a delicious and melty dairy-free alternative.

  3. Create a vegan cheeseboard: Arrange a selection of vegan cheeses on a platter, along with nuts, olives, and dried fruits, for an impressive and appetizing spread.

  4. Incorporate into recipes: Melt vegan cheese into pasta dishes, sprinkle on top of salads, or use as a filling for stuffed vegetables to add a rich and creamy element to your favorite recipes.

  5. Experiment with flavors: Explore different types of vegan cheeses, such as herbed, smoked, or aged varieties, to discover your personal favorites and expand your palate.

Remember, vegan cheeses offer a unique taste experience, so embrace the opportunity to get creative and enjoy them in various ways!

Nutritional Information 
Oyster Leaf Mini Brie With Pink Peppercorn Cheeze - 190g

Keep refrigerated in original packaging.

Cashews, Vegan probiotics, Lemon juice, Himalayan salt, Coconut oil, Pink peppercorn

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