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Shioya Seawater Nigari Magnesium - 170ml

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You can easily enjoy making tofu at home. Recently, it has been reported on TV that Nigari can be expected to be effective for weight loss and maintaining good health.

In Japan, nigari is gaining popularity as the "6th seasoning" tht is a must-have in one's household.

The must have six Japanese cooking condiments
◆ Sa = Sugar (Sa for Satou: sugar)
◆ Shi = Salt (Shi for Shio: salt
◆ Su = Vinegar Soften hard meat (Su : vinegar)
◆ Se = Soy sauce Rice is also cooked plumply (Se for Seuyu: the old way of saying Syoyu)
◆ So = Miso pasta / Juice seasoning (So for Miso)
◆ Ni = Nigari prevents vegetables from falling apart when cooking and preserves the good look of the food. The cooking time can also be shortened by using a few drops of this in daily cooking. Also goof for cooking rice. (Ni for Nigari magnesium)

■ Place of origin Sakito-cho , Nishi Sonogi- gun, Nagasaki
■ Ingredients  Seawater
■ Expiration date 3 years from the date of manufacture

Ingredient display (in 100g of product)

Calorie 0kcal
protein 0g
Lipid 0g
carbohydrate 0g
Salt equivalent 2.3g
magnesium 6,400mg

塩屋が造った海水にがり 170ml

◆す=酢 硬いお肉をやわらかく
◆せ=醤油 ご飯もふっくら炊き上げ
◆そ=味噌 パスタ/汁もの 下味付け
◆に=にがり 野菜の煮くずれを防ぎ、煮る時間も短縮

■原産地  長崎県西彼杵郡崎戸町
■原材料  海水
■賞味期限  製造日より3年の表示

成分表示 (製品100g中)

熱量 0kcal
たんぱく質 0g
脂質 0g
炭水化物 0g
食塩相当量 2.3g
マグネシウム 6,400mg

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