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Stella Bernrain Dark Chocolate 100% Cacao (70g)

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Made with only 3 quality ingredients - Guilt free and healthy chocolate, great for baking too! 

This bar is as dark as you can get, yet still smooth without the bitter aftertaste.


Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vanilla pods. May contain milk, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts. All ingredients are from organic farming.

Store in a cool (16-18°C), dry and odourless place.


Nutritional Information

100g contain: Energy: 2650 kJ / 643 kcal, fat: 59g, carbohydrate: 8g, protein: 12g, salt: 0.02g

Have you just opened your chocolate/carob bar and found that your bar looks a little bit different than usual?

Don't worry! The chocolate might have lost its shape and you might even see some white spotting but this treat is definitely still edible! Why? "Chocolate Blooming" occurs when the cocoa butter melts and then re-solidifies - a situation that happens a lot in Hong Kong because of the extreme contrast between the hot weather outside and the extreme air-conditioned indoors. At Foodcraft, we store our chocolate at optimal temperatures but sometimes we are not able to control the delivery process to and from our kitchen! If you have any problems about your 'bloomed' chocolate, please let us know.