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Varvello Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - 500ml

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Varvello is not only the wine vinegar or the balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI. We also produce apple, balsamic glazes, tomato vinegar, fruit vinegar, vinaigrettes (with oil, vinegar and many other Mediterranean surprises) and other delicious vinegar and fruit-based condiments, having more than 60% export. This is a world waiting to be discovered. All that is left is to travel.

The nobility, even that of the soul, is a genetic heritage and is certainly cannot be bought in the market. This valuable rule also applies to our vinegar. Born from great wines, that only Piedmont can offer, Varvello vinegar has cultivated and refined its nobility since 1921, thanks to the passion, commitment and dedication of a company that has always known how to be renewed over time.
In this way, while our products age with the traditional methods, the company always finds a way to remain youthful by investing in new technologies.

Nature has never rushed the seasons, day and night, warm or cold.
To make our unfiltered organic apple vinegar we used nature as an example. Born from the double fermentation of Italian apple juice and slowly matured in barriques, it has a delicate taste that reminds of wood notes and aromas. Unfiltered organic apple vinegar: its nature is all here.
But let's move on. Apple cider vinegar goes perfectly with ginger and lemon, known for their beneficial properties.
Together with apple vinegar, they can reinforce health: they stimulate digestion, improve concentration, purify the body and help the immune system.
Once again, Varvello's target is not only the pleasure of the palate but also the well-being.

It is the result of the double fermentation of Italian apple cider. Not filtered and not pasteurized, it has a particularly delicate taste with notes of fruitiness, and its light acidity is linked to its wealth of purifying and invigorating properties. This is why we can define it as a healthy and beneficial product for the body.

INGREDIENTS: Apple cider vinegar - organic.

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