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Vegan Cheese and Non-alcohol Drinks Tasting

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Join us with a friend that you can enjoy this fusion of vegan delights and non-alcohol drinks 😆😎
Going dairy-free has so many benefits for our overall health. One of the biggest challenges with this lifestyle might be the "giving up on cheese" part, as this rich & creamy dairy product is so addicting (as it contains casein)!

It has been remarkable how far dairy-free cheese has come in the past years! Alternatives have been made to make dairy-free life easier. 
We'd LOVE for you to try out our plant-based cheeses!

Come and join us for a monthly non-alcohol beverages and vegan cheese tasting event at FoodCraft. 

No matter you are here to try out whether dairy-free is something for you or to meet like-minded people. If you are simply curious what dairy-free cheeses taste like, you are all welcomed!! It will be a fun way to mingle & share ideas too. Can't wait to see you!

Come over anytime between 5pm - 7pm on the day of our monthly tasting event to try out these awesome healthy goodies. We will be changing the menu for each session. 


February 22nd (Thursday) - Vegan Cheese tasting with Amy from Nuttese! This month, we will be featuring Amy's the fresh cheese and how to prepare them in meals. Join us to taste the amazing selection of Nuts for Mozz, NutCho, cream cheese and Peace in the Middle East.

Room A, 16/F, Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town

Why Dairy Free might be for YOU?
To keep this short, the protein found in dairy is called casein and it is inflammatory and addictive. 
(no wonder why it's hard to stop eating it!!) 

Are you ready to go deeper into details of the benefits of going dairy-free? Well, here you go!

  • It may promote weight loss (if needed), as less saturated fat will be consumed.
  • Reduces inflammation in your body which could be correlated to your gut’s health, skin quality and many other related health problems.
  • Milk can be packed with growth hormones and antibiotic due to poor agricultural practices to prevent infection, which is not good news to your immune system.
  • Improve your digestion. If your body is deficient in lactase, your intestines are not able to properly digest and assimilate the dairy. Therefore, by cutting out dairy, this can improve problem of gas and bloating.
  • Improve symptoms of brain fog or anxiety. For individuals who are sensitive to dairy, the inflammatory response from your body can manifest your chemicals in your brain and affect you mentally.

Sounds like it's worth giving it a go and see how this may work for you?

Why YOU might benefit (much more then you can imagine!!) from going LOW SUGAR?  
I'm sure you all know that you should be taking less sugar by now, but if you have been struggling to get this into action, it might be because you haven't REALLY ENJOYED THE BENEFITS of going low in sugar, and your instant pleasure of the sweet tooth satisfaction is winning. 

So, here you go :) We have made this low-sugar 101 into visuals so that its easier for you to digest!

Are you thinking it's hard to go low sugar? 
The good news is that we have LOTS OF alternatives now! Check out this page. 
We also have a low sugar alcohol collection for those who enjoy a bit of booze and prefer to go low in sugar. 

We'd LOVE to support your low-sugar and/or dairy-free journey!! Join our monthly Vegan Cheese and Low Sugar Wine/ Spirit Tasting event to meet like minded people to support each other. 
Low sugar is NOT a DIET. It is a lifestyle change and trust, you'll enjoy the outcome of your change! 
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Customer Reviews

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Isabelle M
Fantastic event - Highly recommended

Fantastic food, great company and phenomenal vegan cheese.
We had such a blast trying out amazing, artisan cheese.
Absolutely delish and highly recommend this event!

Thank you for joining the event :) Always a pleasure to have you at Foodcraft and can't wait to see you in the next class/event! Love what you share with us too.