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Vegware 12oz Compostable PLA cold cup (20 cups)

by Vegware
Original price HK$43.00 - Original price HK$43.00
Original price
HK$43.00 - HK$43.00
Current price HK$43.00

Planning a home party or a picnic?

As much as we love our good ol' glass cups and ceramic plates, sometimes it is not practical with little guests running around. 

Meet our compostable solution! 

Plant-based clear cup. For cold drinks, desserts, fruit, salads, or healthy snacks. Made from PLA, a renewable material made from plants. Clear for visibility, with Vegware messaging in green. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.

Vegware is the completely compostable food packaging firm operating globally.

Vegware is pioneering the development and manufacture of eco friendly catering disposables and food packaging.  Stylish, functional, economic and sustainable products.

Before Use Low impact
Low-carbon, recycled or renewable materials delivered with Vegware's sustainable and traceable supply chain.
In Use Because green tastes better
Vegware is practical and stylish, and people love the look and feel good factor of their eco materials.
After Use The key to zero waste
You can't recycle food with plastic in it, and you can't recycle plastic with food on it.
Recycle used Vegware with food waste, and everything else is cleaner and easier to recycle.

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