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精油工作坊:天然洗手液及家庭香精 (英語授課)

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Aromatherapy is a multifaceted healing art which uses the essential oils of aromatic plants and trees to promote healthy of body and serenity of mind. The use of essential oil for therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic and ritualistic purpose goes back to ancient civilisation including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who used them in domestics, perfumes and drugs. Aromatherapy is based on usage of aromatic material, including essential oils and other aroma compounds, with calming for improving psychological or physical well-being.

In this workshop, basic principles to use essential oils to create your natural disinfected aroma hand sanitiser and home scent.  From the oils selection also suitable for you daily  use at home or workplace to protect from psychological and physical.  During the workshop, you can easily to learn how to use 6 kinds of oil and simply to create from hygiene product to create purify, joyful, calming scent to enhance your home environment. 

The workshop is welcome to beginner, no experiences or knowledge is required as the program is made for who are interested in use holistic and natural way to protect you and your family, enjoy the true natural of art of “aromatherapy”.


- What’s essential oils.

- The benefits of aromatherapy essential oils to human body.

- Characteristics of 6 different essential oils for physical & psychological.

- How to blend your own flavour scent of natural disinfected aroma hand sanitiser spray and purify, joyful, calming home scent by 6 kinds of essential oil set.

- What’s safefy & warning to use essential oil. 


- 5ml pure essential oil set x 1pcs 

(Organic Lemon, Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Tea Tree, Organic Eucalyptus, 

France Maillette Lavender, Himalayan Cedarwood)

- 50ml mixed bottle: 96% ethyl alcohol (UK), 100% organic glycerine (AUS), Purified Aqua



Born and bred in Hong Kong, Esscentric is a wellbeing and parfumery brand. A labour of love by professional aromatherapist Jodie Chan, the perfume house sets out to create bespoke blends that celebrate eccentricity, audacity, and wellbeing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Esscentric’s products stems out from the staple essential oil perfumes, bath & body series, home fragrances, skincare and travel essentials, and the list will go on. Coming in bold, edgy designs and no-nonsense formulas, the brand stays true to its rule-of-thumb principle: using solely 100% pure essential oil and mostly natural ingredients in all products. 

Jodie Chan, is also known as an aromatherapist (*** Holistic aromatherapist with a qualification that is recognized worldwide, is accredited by and affiliated with 3 international governing bodies for aromatherapy, including IFPA (ENGLAND), NAHA (USA) AND NZROHA (NEW ZEALAND), usui reiki master, Bach Flower Remedies registered practitioner, and barre instructor. None of these identities were mapped out in Jodie’s life plan, but coincidentally they are all products of her passion, intuition, and eccentricity. An embodiment of grace and spiritual awakening herself, Jodie is a living proof of well-being and the healing powers of her eclectic scents.

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