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Katia health coaching

🤔What was your health goal for 2022?

Can you believe it- October is just around the corner!  

Uff.. it’s been a year - right guys? 
2022 has been so far felt like  Space Mountain - a roller-coaster ride in the dark. We finally got some good news last week and it seems like we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. 

During all this flux, its natural that your personal goals may have inadvertently been put on hold: but hey if it seems like we’re reaching calming waters: this might be the time to get acting on those forgotten but important resolutions. 

We still have 3 whole months before the year ends,  and it's never too late to make changes. (Studies show that a new habit can take hold and be built after only 21 days!)

If it seems like you’ve become stuck, mis-aligned or disappointed on  your health journey, don’t perceive them as an inadequacy. Sometimes these so-called ‘failures’ are actually signs directing you to re-align, reflect and remodel going forward. We understand that taking the next step and deciding what changes to make though aren’t always easy: In anticipation we’ve enlisted two of our favourite health coaches in this space to help you through your own journey.

D A I L Y   R E M I N D E R
Challenges arrive in your life - but you have the ability to learn from them & come out stronger
And we're here to help : always with good food and good thoughts 💪🏻

Katia Mini session

"You should know that there is a different way to live. To be truly happy, full of energy, with a clear head and a beautiful body. I know you can feel great, and I will accompany you on this path."

Katia is one of the first UK-trained Nutritional Therapists to practice in Hong Kong. A hormonal health specialist solving menstrual problems and women's hormonal conditions (e.g. PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and chronic stress-related disorders), she guides women to reclaim control of their bodies and emotions. Katia also works with clients to optimise their nutrition to help achieve various goals such as improved energy, better sleep, enhanced athletic performance and recovery, and weight loss. 


Gwen Health Goal Sessions

“Do you have a health goal or are you looking for a goal? Gwen is here to assist you to become the best version of yourself. Book your goal setting session to work towards your BIG GOAL!”

Gwen is trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York & helps high achievers in corporate jobs with re-prioritising their health and diets so that they are able to build permanent & sustainable habits.
Her main area of focus are food and lifestyle while also delving into sleep and work-life balance. Gwen likes to look at the consultation sessions as a first date. Each coach is different and it is important to see if you are a match and if she can help you reach your goals. 



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