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My favourite healthy snacks

My favourite healthy snacks

  A ten-year-old’s favourite snacks from Foodcraft

I am Leah and I love eating snacks from Foodcraft! This is my healthy snack** list for school ( top 5 favourites ) and including some " awards " given to them!

#1: Paleo double chocolate chip cookie*
It’s soft, sweet, and tastes just like any ordinary chocolate cookie… but healthier! This snack in particular is liked by many kids ( Including me! ) because of its similar taste to a Chocolate chip cookie and soft crunchy consistency. This wins the "healthy baked school snack" award.

Gluten Free Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

#2: Teddy bear cookie
This beloved cookie is in the shape of a teddy bear and is as sweet as
candy! I enjoy this cookie for its adorable shape and breath-taking taste, a mixture of sweet and...cute! It ins the "school snack for picky eaters" award.

gluten-free teddy bear cookie

#3: Sprouted Raw Cheesy Chia Seed Crackers - 100g*
This cheesy-but-no-cheese is the tastiest savory snack. This seedy power snack will most likely keep you running for the whole day with your energy levels through the roof! From my perspective, it totally wins the "best after school snack" award!

Sprouted Raw Cheesy Chia Seed Crackers - 100g

#4: Black sesame rice cracker
This cracker holds the flourishing flavor of soy sauce and "yum"!
You first bite into its crunchy and rough surface and in an instant, you
then feel the delicious flavour filling your mouth, insisting to eat more!This snack holds the "best healthy school snack with no refrigeration needed  award"!

Clearspring Organic Japanese Black Sesame & Tamari Brown Rice Crackers - 40g

#5: Raw Nori Snack with Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
Last but not least, This snack is made with love and care
by the lovely Foodcraft staff using just seaweed, soy sauce and
pumpkin seeds to make this simple, but appetising dish! I would give it the "best healthy school snack'' award!

Raw Nori Snack with Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds - 40g

My story
I usually am not allowed to eat very sugary or unhealthy foods
so when I sometimes eat snacks at school, my friends or classmates
will be confused about what I am eating or judge me because of the packaging (etc) then I start feeling uncomfortable about my snacks.
But now I don't really care I just " Block out the haters " and continue
eating my snacks because I know that these snacks are better than eating what my classmates are eating because I won't have to face the fear of being fat, having pimples, etc!

' Healthy body, healthy mind ' - Roman poet Juvenal









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