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Bulletproof Green Tea

Bulletproof Green Tea

Bulletproof Green Tea

Start your day with this powerhouse drink.

If you are a fan of Bulletproof Coffee, this might be for you too. 

Very simple but powerful way to start your day and it will only take you a minute to whip this up.


Why drink this?

If you are looking for a way to keep yourself, energized, focused and satiated, this is something for you. It will definitely keep you going and takes away the hunger. (be careful of drinking too much as it will make you shaky!)

Does it help you loose weight?

Some say there is a weight loss effect which I can agree as you can go on for the entire morning without eating anything but the Bulletproof Green Tea. Sometimes even better in the afternoon as it will keep you away from snacking. 


You can read the link about what is said about the Bulletproof Diet.


Bulletproof Green Tea with Ghee

Some people like to make this with coconut oil and ghee but I prefer the flavors from the coconut butter as I its one of may favorite combination, green tea and coconuts! (and if you like this drink, you'll enjoy this healthy snack too!)


Bulletproof Green Tea with Ghee

Try this and let us know your comments :)



60ml., Hot Water
  • Add the green tea powder and coconut butter into a cup and mix well until homogenized.
  • Aadd the hot water and mix well. 
  • Serve!
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