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Lacto-Fermented Pickled Jalapeños Recipe

Lacto-Fermented Pickled Jalapeños Recipe

Here at FoodCraft, we are all about fermentation.
When I see fresh, beautiful & organic produce, my mind starts spinning thinking.. "How can I ferment this..!" 

Fermentation does wonders. It basically "cooks" the produce without using heat. Meanwhile, it breaks down the food, making it easy to digest and assimilate. Plus it comes with probiotics and UMAMI! One of the biggest reasons why I turn to fermentation is simply because it makes food taste really good.

We are doing a lacto-fermentation in this recipe, which is only pickling with salt and not using any vinegar. Vinegar is good to preserve food as the acidity kills the bacteria, but pickling with just salt creates an environment for good bacteria to grow. 

Here are some tips for making jalapeno pickles. 

  1. Always use natural salt :) 
  2. When cutting the Jalapenos, better use gloves to avoid painful experiences! 

Enjoy this super easy recipe!

Lacto-Fermented Pickled Jalapeños Recipe

(Will fill a 24oz Mason Jar

400g, Organic Jalapeno, sliced 
5 cloves, Garlic, peeled
1 leaf, Bay leaf

480ml, warm water
15g, Natural Salt

Tools that might be useful to make this recipe
24oz Mason Jar
KAI Light Cutting Board with Stand - 300 x 180mm


  1. Melt the salt in hot water and let it cool off. Set aside.
  2. Clean all your tools and slice the jalapenos into about 5mm. Remove the stem, I like to keep the seeds for extra kick (The seeds are spicy!) 
  3. Place the peeled garlic in the bottom of the jar with the bay leaf. 
  4. Pack the sliced jalapenos into the jar and push it down.
  5. Cover it with the salty water and use a weight to keep it soaking in the brine.
  6. Cover the jar with a clean kitchen towel and let it ferment in room temperature for 3 to 5 days.
  7. When the brine turns murky the pickles are ready. The longer you ferment the more sour it will become so taste the pickles and see if it has reached your liking! Enjoy with pizza, Mexican food or just as it is :) 
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