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Miso Bomb - Cashew Curry Soup

Miso Bomb - Cashew Curry Soup


More Delicious Ways to Enjoy Miso

Apart from consuming as a soup, there are much more ways to enjoy miso!


1. Salad Dressings

Miso adds a lovely savoury complexity to a vinaigrette. When making the salad, apart from sherry or wine vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil, try whisking some miso paste together too!


2. Miso-Tahini Sandwiches

Spread miso on a piece of bread and then top with tahini. Simply enjoy as it or you may also add some sliced avocado. 


3. In Marinades

You may use miso to marinade meat, fish, or poultry. Just some 5 minutes can get all those savoury flavours embedded - it doesn't take long!


4. As a seasoning alternative to salt or soy sauce.

Miso is salty so it can be very useful in seasoning and it may even add more flavour than simple salt. Despite its high sodium content, miso does not appear to harm our cardiovascular system and raise our blood pressure level like what other high-sodium foods do. The reason for this is unknown but this would be a great substitute for salt.

If you have any other idea to enjoy miso, share with us and let us know! :P



Yield: 4 Miso Mombs

120 g

Chickpea Miso

2 tbsp.

Curry Powder

1 1/2 tbsp.

Tomato Powder

1 tbsp.

Onion Powder

1 tbsp.

Sesame Oil

1 tsp.

Garlic Powder

1 tsp.

Cumin Seeds

2 tbsp. 

Cashews (Chopped, for coating)



  1. Mix all ingredients except the cashews in a bowl.

  2. Divide the paste in 4 and make a ball shape with your hands.

  3. Roll the miso balls in a bowl with chopped cashews to coat the balls.

  4. Wrap them up or keep them in an airtight box to store. Keep in the refrigerator for up to one month.


To Serve

  1. Place the miso bomb in a soup bowl and add 150ml hot water then mix well. Your instant miso soup will be ready in seconds!

  2. This is a healthy way to have your nutritious soup to add to your meals or have as a snack in office.

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