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Lazy Salmon Don

Lazy Salmon Don

Inspired by Japanese Don's (丼), I have to dedicate this to busy moms and dads out there who are juggling with work from home and KIDS AT HOME (!!!) during this period. 
When you have absolutely no time to cook, and run out of ideas from the panda and kangaroo deliveries, and want to eat something nutritious and yummy...
We've got your back! 

Try this super easy, throw all into the rice-cooker recipe. 
It is gluten free, high in fiber ( as long as you stick to brown rice) and good fats form the fish and topped with probiotics. 

Trust me, the sauerkraut Japanese flavor on the top is the game changer so don't skip it!

If you are not a salmon fan, you can swap this with other fish like tuna, mackerel ... but sardines might be a bit too "fishy" for children. 

We have a range of sustainable fish cans to choose your ingredients from so please have a look. 

Oh, and don't forget the Nori sheet, it has not only minerals and fiber but also provides great part of the Umami. 

Lazy Salmon Don
(4 servings) 
300g, short grain brown rice 
250g,  Precooked Salmon
2 Tbsp., Tamari soy sauce 
2 Tbsp., Mirin 
2 Tbsp, Brown Rice Vinegar
450ml, Water to cook the rice 
1 Sheet of Nori, cut in 1/8
4 Tbsp., Living Sauerkraut Japanese Flavor (1 Tbsp. per serving)



  1. Measure 300g of the uncooked brown rice and rinse well. If you can soak this for overnight this will make the grains even softer but we are skipping this for this recipe as we need to fix a quick meal! The grains will be harder but you just need to chew well. If you choose to use white rice that is fine too! Just remember to use less water later on when cooking the rice.
  2. Rinse the rice and strain off the water. Place it back in the rice cooker pot.
  3. Open your can of fish. For this recipe we've used the whole can of Fish4Ever - Wild Pacific Pink Salmon in brine (160g) including the brine. Put the entire content (fish and brine) on top of the uncooked rice.
  4. Next we are going to season up the rice just a bit like sushi rice. Add the Tamari (this is gluten free soy sauce), Mirin (white sugar free sweetener, made from fermented rice), and Brown Rice Vinegar which will add that sushi rice like flavor to the rice pot. 
  5. Add water to the rice cooker until the line 2 is covered. If your rice cooker doesn't have a line, add 450ml of water here. If you are using white rice, remember to use a bit less water here (just under the number 2 line) or use about 390ml of water. We want the rice to be al dente and not a congee like soft rice.
  6. Cook the rice as normal! It will probably take around 45 - 50 minutes so you can forget about your food and go get some more work done! In case the rice turns out too hard for your taste, add another 100 ml water and push the "cook" button again.
  7. When your rice is cooked, get ready to serve! 
    Presentation is very important. We've got it easy with the cooking part so let's put a bit of effort in presentation to make it look as if you've done a lot with your dish.
    First step, scoop the rice into the bowl.
  8. place 2 sheets of nori on the rice. If you are using the full sheet of nori, cut them into 1/8 and use 2 pieces of that.
  9. Place the chunk of fish on top of the nori.
  10. Top it with the Japanese Sauerkraut. Remember, this is the game changer for this dish! (also adds to your greens and probiotics! )
  11. Done! Forget about work and enjoy your meal :)


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