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KIDS Kombucha Starter Kit

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Learn something new at home!! Let your kids brew their very own healthy fizzy drinks and bye-bye to those sugary soda pop. It's a fun and healthy way to become a Master Chef Junior...

Kombucha is very easy to brew at home - just follow a few simple steps starting with getting a S.C.O.B.Y (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) to begin the fermentation process.  It provides the living home for the bacteria and yeast that transform sweet tea into tangy, fizzy kombucha!

We have made the brewing jars smaller for children. However, the kit contains a lot of glass and it requires adult's supervision for handling the tools.
Please brew together with an adult to ensure safe brewing.


  • This kit is designed for children and they come into smaller brewing jars compared to adult's brewing kit
    includes a step by step instructions of how to brew your Kombucha with this kit - no need for additional ingredients!
  • Start with 2 oz a day in the morning to see how your body reacts as fermented foods can upset some people's digestive systems. 
  • Once your body adapts, you can try drinking a full 8oz serving every day (in the morning with an empty stomach to best flourish your gut with healthy bacteria or after a high-fat meal for better digestion!


  • Anti-oxidant rich, probiotic beverage that helps to detoxify your body and protect against disease 
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties can decrease the risk for certain cancers and candida overgrowth
  • Supports a healthy gut and improves digestion because of its high levels of beneficial acid, probiotics, amino acids and enzymes
  • Effective for boosting the immune system, heart, lung and liver health, and improving energy levels


Learn from the master? 
Join our Kids Kombucha Class! You will get a Starter Kit at the class too.


For your first brew, please follow these steps.

  1. Sterilize all your tools including the jars and bottles in the kit. You can use hot water (do NOT use boiling water as it might break your glass jars)  or use vinegar to sterilize too. Please keep the hot water in the tools for 10 minutes and toss the water and let them dry naturally. As for the utensils and lids, you can boil them in a pot for 5 minutes and let them dry off.
  2. Take 1 tablespoon of the Organic Premium Assam Tea and brew the tea in 0.5L of water for 10 minutes in a pot. The tea should be very strong.
  3. Once the tea is ready, drain the leaves in a sieve and add 3 tablespoons of sugar. This should make a very sweet tea.
  4. Let the sugary tea cool off in a bowl for about 30 to 60 minutes. The tea should be about 30-37°C depending on the room temperature. If still hot please cool the tea furthermore. The ideal temperature should be 'lukewarm'.
  5. Open the mason jar with the kombucha SCOBY with the liquid and pour the cooled down sweet tea in the mason jar. Cover the jar with a paper towel and place a rubber band around the paper towel.
  6. Let the kombucha brew in a dark place in your room. Please avoid direct sunlight and places that the temperature will change such as near the oven or AC.
  7. After 7-10 days, your kombucha SCOBY should have sunken to the bottom of the jar and formed a daughter SCOBY floating at the surface of the tea. Your kombucha should be ready to taste. If you are happy with the flavor, go ahead to bottle the kombucha in a bottle and flavor it with fruits, herbs and spices. If the kombucha is too sweet let it ferment for another day or more. The longer you ferment the tarter it will become.
  8. The fermentation that happens in the bottle is called the second fermentation and this is where the drink becomes fizzy. (If the kombucha is tart, it will be harder to make this fizzy and you might have to add extra fruit juice or sugar to the bottle.)
  9. Let the bottle ferment in room temperature with the lid tightly closed for 5-7 days. When you open the bottle be careful as the kombucha might burst out.
  10. If you are happy with the flavor, cool the kombucha in the refrigerator and enjoy it cold! You can store your kombucha in the refrigerator for 3-6 months.

*If you find any molds, or not sure about the quality of your brew PLEASE DO NOT CONSUME. Drinking contaminated kombucha is toxic and harmful!

For any questions, feel free to contact us :)

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