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Guilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

Guilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

2021 will be a year to grow from all the learnings from 2020 :) 
Here at FoodCraft, we are always excited to share more and more healthy yet yummy recipes and food with our community. Here is our first fun recipe to kickoff 2021!

Guilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar
If you love a good old caramelised chocolate bar, we think you will also like this healthy alternative with sprouted nuts (for better digestion!) and dates as a sweetener. 
It is honestly very simple! You can make this with a food processor, you don't even need to wash the bowl between the different chopping! 

We only used the dates as a sweetener for the filling as the vegan chocolate has coconut sugar in it, we do want to watch out on the sugar intake and tone down the sweetness to keep it healthy. 

I've made this with my little girls and I think they enjoy making it more than actually eating it. It's definitely a great activity to do with your younger ones at home too! Enjoy!

Guilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

6 pc, Medjool Dates
150g, Sprouted Almond Butter
60g, Desiccated Coconuts 
30g, Almond Flour
90g, Sprouted Almonds, crushed
120g, Vegan Chocolate
a pinch of salt

(10 bars or 20 squares) 


  1. In a food processor, crush the sprouted almonds into pieces around 3 - 4 mm size. It is important to use "sprouted" almonds for better digestion! Set the crushed almonds asided in a bowl.

    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

  2. Add the pitted dates, desiccated coconuts, almond flour and a pinch of salt into the food processor and blend well until the dates are fully homogenised into the mixture. Then, add in the spouted almond butter, until it starts to form a ball in the food processor.

    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar
  3. Add back the crushed almonds and blend the mixture. It might be hard to mix by hand so you can also use the food processor to "pulse" a few times to blend the crushed almonds into the mixture. Be careful not to blend too much or you will lose the "crunch"!
    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

  4. Place a sheet of baking paper onto a jelly pan roll and pour the almond mixture onto the sheet. Fold it into the baking sheet and press down with your hands to make a flat square that is about 1 cm thick.
    Let the bar chill in the freezer to make it firm.
    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

  5. Remove the paper. With a knife, cut your bars into bite sizes or in any shape you like! This is already a nice snack but we will do the final step of coating it with chocolate :)
    Let the bars chill more in the freezer while melting the chocolate to cover it.

    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

  6. In a double boiler or just by layering 2 metal bowls with the bottom with hot water, melt the vegan chocolate and start dipping your bars. It will be easy to do this with a fork and spatula to remove the excess chocolate from the bars.
    If you have a mesh sheet or a cookie rack let the chocolate set on that. 

    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers BarGuilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

  7. Enjoy the bars straight away or store them in an airtight container up to 1 month in the fridge and enjoy :) 
    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar
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