ROMERTOPF Modern Look Clay Pot

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Modern Look RÖMERTOPF®
Simple and fine

The Modern Look guarantees the same culinary quality as the Classic from RÖMERTOPF®, but here in a simple and modern design.

When you use this model from RÖMERTOPF®, you’ll find that all your dishes are not only delicious but healthy as well. Each dish can be served directly from the pot.

Standard model for 2-6 persons.
2,5 Kgs meat. Clear, modern design.

Size (CM): 35 X 22.5 X 16.5 

  • Natural cooking in clay
  • Cooking in it´s own juice
  • Additional fat or liquids are hardly necessary, oil ...
  • Vitamins and minerals are retained, as much as possible
  • Nothing can burn, the oven stays clean
  • The natural flavors of the dish are intensified
  • All dishes are prepared as if they cooked themselves
  • While RÖMERTOPF® is in the oven, you have time to do something else
  • RÖMERTOPF® adds elegance to your set table
  • RÖMERTOPF® represents traditional and modern nutritional trends
    Arguments why you should use RÖMERTOPF®
    Cooking with RÖMERTOPF® is:
    • Simmer, fry or braise: You can do all of these in natural clay, which because it’s porous, can absorb, store, and when the heat intensifies, give off water.
    • The art of steam cooking par excellence – soak it in water for only 10 minutes before use.
    • Your dish simmers in it´s own juices – so you can cook in the natural way.
    • Simmer with a small quantity of fat or with no fat at all. Even so, the dish will not dry out!
    • Vitamins, minerals and aromatic elements are completely retained, since no cooking water has to be used. That means that your food cooks in it´s own juices.
    • RÖMERTOPF®, once assembled and placed in the oven, works by it self.
    • Nothing burns. RÖMERTOPF® stores so much water, that your meal can bake up to 25 minutes beyond the given cooking time without beeing in danger of burning.
    • The oven stays clean.
    • You can use RÖMERTOPF® again and again to prepare complete meals.
    • Your dish stays warm when prepared and adds a decorative charm to any set table.
    • And when it comes to cleaning up all your cooking utensils, all you have to do is simply clean one pot.
    • RÖMERTOPF® can do everything. It can be used to prepare not only meat dishes from pork or beef but also poultry, game, as well as pasta dishes, vegetable casseroles and desserts.


    The Cooking Experience with RÖMERTOPF®

    • Hearty, delicious and unadulteratedly appetizing dishes – it has to taste this way, the original, genuine taste will be rediscovered.
    • Dishes evolve by themselves – but they need time to develop and to allow the various ingredients to ripen.
    • RÖMERTOPF® always bring results it works ever. Cooking with RÖMERTOPF® is always a success.
    • Meat, vegetables, herbs and spices are combined and are transformed into a unique taste experience.
    • Foodstuffs remain unadulterated
    • Cooking is experienced as an oasis of peace, enjoyment and satisfaction.
    • The natural texture of clay produces something natural, good and unique.
      RÖMERTOPF® takes over the job of cooking during simmering and leaves you time to engage in another activity.

    When you use RÖMERTOPF®, observe at the beginning, whether or not the dish is cooked within the recommended time. The temperature often varies considerably among different ovens. You will soon notice the differences.

    Nothing will happen, however, because RÖMERTOPF® can adapt to differences in preparation times. A change in cooking time, of course, influences the crust. Steamed foodstuffs, recommended, for example, for those with a sensitive digestive system (stomach and intestines) require less time as foodstuffs which are fried and crunchy. Also, when there are no juices after a long time, you should check to see if warm water should be added. This is
    especially true with lean meat products because these are more likely to dry out

    RÖMERTOPF® should be soaked in water for ten minutes before each use.      
          Before you use RÖMERTOPF® for the first time, the pot should take a long “bath”. When finished, you should clean it well.
          If you are not going to use the pot, then you assemble both parts and store it in a well-ventilated area.
    RÖMERTOPF® should always be placed in the oven first, before (pre-) heating.  

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