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Vegan Cheese and Our Selection Here at Foodcraft

Posted by Carmen Chu on

What’s one thing that people often miss the most when they go vegan?


When I made the transition to becoming plant-based, it was DEFINITELY ...cheese!


I loved cheese so much that the fear of having to give it up was terrifying (no exaggeration there).



But after doing some research, I found out that going vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up cheese, you just have to give up dairy cheese!  The truth is - there’s a huge variety of vegan cheeses out there! Some of them are so good, you can’t even tell the difference.  



Unfortunately, in Hong Kong there aren’t as many wonderful vegan cheese options as in the West but we have tried sourcing the best alternatives and making our very own in the kitchen.   



But what is vegan cheese, anyway?

Traditional cheese is a dairy product made from milk but vegan cheese is entirely plant-based typically made with coconut oil, nuts, soy protein, and nutritional yeast!  What gives the vegan cheese its cheesy taste is actually nutritional yeast, a type of deactivated yeast that is a rich source of important vitamins and minerals, protein, and fiber.  Don’t worry, it’s totally vegan and, most importantly, it tastes like cheese!  



If you are interested in beginning your vegan journey and not sure how to find them, here's a few dairy free cheese options for you available here!



Lauds Vegan Cheese



Why is Lauds Vegan Cheese is a Great Alternative For you

  • Their cheeses go through a fermentation and culturing process to make up the core flavour in the cheeses
  • It’s rich, sharp, creamy characteristics are reminiscent of traditional dairy based cheese
  • The natural cultures used to ferment is also beneficial for a healthy gut as its loaded with good probiotics
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No artificial colours or flavours!
  • Use organic, locally sourced and sustainable products were possible (Tasmanian products)






Foodcraft Vegan Tofu Feta


Why Our Vegan Tofu Feta is Also Another Great Alternative

  • Free from: Dairy, lactose, gluten, nuts and carrageenan
  • Nuts are a commonly used ingredient for vegan cheeses so if you have an allergy, this is a great option for you
  • Creamy, delicious and fermented using chickpea miso and organic tofu (fermented foods contain healthy probiotics to nourish your gut!)
  • Only 5 ingredients
  • Contains almost all organic ingredients apart from the garlic and thyme


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