BruneBlonde Initials BB Bitter Orange & Petitgrain Shampoo - 250ml

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>90% Natural Ingredients
Bitter Orange Oil: hydrating, soothing. Petitgrain Oil: antioxidant. Other: Aqua, Betaine, Wheat Protein, Glycerin.
Natural Formula 
An ideal daily wash shampoo for colored and fine hair. The specific pH level close hair cuticles, keep color pigments within the hair shaft and protects its intensity. Richness in plant proteins helps regain strength and shine, boosting color radiance for an extended time.
How to Use
Massage onto wet hair & scalp for the lather to develop. Then rinse thoroughly.
Product without
No-chemical preservatives, parabens, silicon, mineral oil, paraffin, phthalates. ONLY 100% natural essential oils are used.
  • The full product range is created, manufactured and packaged locally in HK.

  • Only natural preservatives are used, the shelf life of our product is limited to 12 months after opening.