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Japanese Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossoms - 100g

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picked sakura flowers hong kong

These edible cherry blossoms are pickled and dried in salt.  They are preserved as a way to commemorate the welcoming of the spring season.  In Japan, salted cherry blossoms are used to make a tea called sakuracha (桜茶) and served during celebrations such as wedding ceremonies.

Because these pickled flowers are lightly salty and contain a beautiful floral scent, they are also used for sweet and savory dishes.  It can add a sweet pink hue to colour your dishes or desserts.

Suggested Use

  • Ideal for making cookies, sakura cheese, chiffon cake and jello
  • Used in recipes such as Cherry Blossom Milk puddings, Cherry Blossom cookies, Cherry Blossom Onigiri, Cherry Blossom Madeleines, Cherry Blossom Jelly, Cherry Blossom Chiffon Cakes, Sakura Salt and etc.
  • Please soak the blossoms in cold water for 60 min before using in order to remove the salt
  • Join our Cooking classes to learn more about how to use this condiment in your daily cooking.  (Hanakago Bento Class or Japanese Dessert Making Class)

Ingredients: Cherry Blossom Flowers, Salt