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Organic Green Vegetables Box (Regular/Large)

  • HK$41800




Due to flight schedule changes by the airlines, this week's delivery will be targeted for Thursday. If delayed, it will become Friday at the latest. Harvest and packing will be Tuesday.

Order cut-off time is Every Tuesday 7am

Delivery will be Thursday  - Please select your time from (9-1pm, 1-6pm or 6-8pm)

*Normally, we harvest on every Thursday and ship out on Fridays so that it reaches your door on Saturday! 


1. Select the box size 
2. Select your delivery date & time
3. Check out! (DO NOT add anything else to your order :) 
And... sit back and wait  till Thursday! (*Keep your phone ON on THURSDAY to receive the fresh box!)
This Week's pick (For 9 Apr, 2020)


***Please let us know what you DON'T want in your box***
馬齒莧 Purslane This succulant green is 93% water and is one of the greatest terrestrial sources of omega 3 fatty acids
甜芥菜 Sweet mustard greens Perfect for stir fry or pickled. Not bitter, sweet mustard taste.
小白菜 Bok Choy
青江菜 Shanghai Greens
小松菜 Komatsuna
大阪青松菜 Osaka Komatsuna premium Osaka variety, crisp mustard taste and very hydrating. Great for frying or boil.
白鳳菜 White phoenix spinach  thick leaves that are crispy and tender. Very high nutritional content. Variety of gynura or edible vine. Great for stir fry with garlic.
山茼蒿 Shungiku also known as edible chrysanthemum. Delicious Japanese variety synonymous with hot pot and winter. Very rich in vitamins especially β-carotene. Perfect boiled
羅曼萵苣 Romaine lettuce
結球萵苣 Iceberg lettuce Whole piece.
黃金菾菜 Golden Amaranth yellow stalk variety
塔菇菜 Tatsoi
千寶菜 Thousand Bag Leaf Hybrid variety - It looks like kale with the sweet taste of cabbage. A wild green from Northern Taiwan without the typical bitterness of wild veggies. The leaves are tender and sweet, with high carotene and fiber. Can be stir fried or eaten raw
紅鳳菜 Okinawan Spinach/Gynura Bicolor Deep purple/red color, rich in iron, calcium, Vitamin A and potassium, widely known as a “healing vegetable”, used in salads and stir fry or soups.
君達菜 Swiss Chard otherwise known as beet spinach or leaf beet, highly nutritious leaves, making it a popular component of healthy diets. Large stalks that are often prepared separate to the leaf blade.
廣島菜 Hiroshima Greens One of the 3 famous greens of Japan, great when stir fried or picked.
翠綠白菜 Jade Lettuce Named after the famous artifact at the National Palace Museum
油菜 You Cai/ Rapeseed
紅捲萵苣 Red roll lettuce The leaves are wavy and wrinkled, with reddish purple in green. Rich in vitamins B, C and a variety of minerals, suitable for raw food or sauteed.
芝麻菜 Arugula/Rocket
娃娃包心白菜 Baby Wrapped Heart Cabbage This variety of Baby Chinese Cabbage is one of the sweetest.. Its mild, sweet flavor is perfect for braising in broth and was traditionally paired with Chinese ham.
高麗菜 Green Cabbage whole piece
韭菜 Taiwan Chives
青蔥 Taiwan spring onions



Premium Organic Green Vegetable Box from Taiwan

Our organic premium green vegetable "Farm to Home" delivery service . 

We source the fresh and seasonal produce from a network of farms across Taiwan, that allow us to bring you superfood leafy greens like Snow Mustard. Enjoy the best of the season, fresh from the farm.


What will be in your box?


Contains 14 packs of seasonal leafy greens:

  • 8-10 varieties
  • Each pack is about 250g with some exceptions

Box net weight: ~3.5kg (+/- 15%)



Contains 8 packs of seasonal leafy greens:

  • 6-8 varieties
  • Each pack is about 250g with some exceptions
Box net weight: ~2kg (+/- 15%)

Our Organic Green Veggie Box is designed for those who are on a low sugar diet and who wants to get more fresh greens phytochemicals in their body for optimal performance! 
Especially for those on a Keto diet will benefit form this.

You can use these greens in your salad, smoothie and green juices. You will receive a mixture of Western and Asian greens selected from a seasonal range of vegetables that is approach peak, in other words, it will be nutrient dense! 
Our premium greens are either certified organic or grown sustainably using 100% organic methods by a carefully curated group of partner farms. Each piece is then hand-selected from the top 1% of the harvest to guarantee quality and taste. 
Please check our Instagram and Facebook page every weekend for an updated list of seasonal items that may be included in your box  

Please let us know what you DON'T want in your box

Cucumbers, coriander, chives.. etc. Whatever you know you will NOT be using in your kitchen, please let us know. We will mark that down and make sure that doesn't go into your box. 


We deliver in a carton box farm to door by Yamato delivery. Please do remember to recycle the plastic packaging and dispose the PLA packaging as general waste. 

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